There's a reason why lighting professionals are turning to our Zircon filters for their LED fixtures.  It's because they've been specifically designed to fine-tune the inconsistencies often associated with LED lighting.  With options that include warming, cooling, correction and diffusion, they ensure your LEDs give the same performance, time and time again.

LED lighting has many benefits, but one of its stumbling blocks is that its intensity can contribute to the fade times of standard lighting filters.  In order to overcome this our Research and Development team has developed a new way of producing filters that ensures they last longer when used with LED lights.

In fact, our extensive testing shows that across many of the commonly available LED lamps on the market today, Zircon still delivers in excess of 85% efficiency up to 20 months after installation.* 

* Test data based on 11hrs continuous illumination per day over 20 months at 1-2cm clearance between LED chip and Lens/Filter interface. Average reduction in efficiency across all tested lamps was 12%. Performance may vary dependent on the individual application.


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